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colaboraTE WITH US!

Do you want to colaborate with us in the coolest sport event of the year?

The application period to participate in the second CUW edition from July 20-23, 2022 is now open.
There are two ways to colaborate with us in the Cheer Up World 2023:


What benefits will I get?

  • In exchange for your help you will be able to participate and enjoy the festival activities (workshops, masterclasses, challenges...) during all your free time.

  • You will be able to learn many new things and test yourself in new areas in a warm and familiar atmosphere of fellowship.

  • We'll give you an official Cheer Up World 2023 Volunteer T-shirt that you can keep after the event.

  • And we haven't even mentioned the work experience, the adventures and the new friends you'll get out of this incredible experience...

What will my tasks and duties be?

  • You will have to work an average of 4 hours a day during the days of the event (July 20-24).

  • You need to be fully available from July 20-24, 2023.

  • You will need to arrive before the festival gates open, to prepare yourself for the event.

  • You will have to pay a registration deposit (equal to the value of the festival ticket), which will be returned to you at the end of the event if you have successfully completed your contract.

  • You will have to participate in our common activities as a responsible and committed member of our team.


  • You will have a coordinator who, in addition to administration, works to assign you tasks that best fit your profile and suit your preferences.

  • You will have a mentor who will inform you of everything you need to know from the beginning, make your schedule and monitoring you during the event.

  • You will have a supervisor who will give you a detailed description of your tasks and guide your work.

  • And most importantly... you will have tons of new friends!


¿Cuales serán mis tareas y funciones?

  • Recibirás diferentes recompensas por cada invitado que asista al evento de tu parte. Cuanto más invitados.. ¡Mayor la recompensa!

  • ¡Serás tu propio jefe! Tu mismo te organizarás en cuanto a tiempo invertido y dedicado a promocionar el evento con tu propio código promocional asignado.

  • Tendrás hasta la fecha del inicio del evento para conseguir promocionar tus entradas y que los visitantes utilicen tu código promocional.

  • Tendrás que llevar un recuento listado de los participantes a los que promocionas y dar feedback regularmente a la organización de tu actividad como promotor.


  • Tendrás un supervisor que, además de la administración, trabajará para  brindarte ayuda siempre que lo necesites.

  • Tendrás un supervisor que te guiará en tu trabajo, al que tendrás que dar feedback e informarle sobre tu campaña promocional como promotor.

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