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Ready to show off your moves and bring some serious energy to the dance floor? Look no further than cheer dance! This dynamic dance style combines cheerleading, hip hop, jazz, and pom to create a high-energy routine that's sure to get your heart racing. From impressive stunts and jumps to synchronized group movements, cheer dance is a fun and exciting way to express yourself and show off your athletic skills.
Join the cheer dance community today and get ready to bring the heat and show the world what you've got!

Cheer Up World is bringing together some of the best Cheer Dance coaches from around the globe to teach a variety of different styles.

Here are some of the different styles that are often included in cheer dance routines:

  • Hip Hop: This style of dance is characterized by its urban and street dance influences, and is often performed to hip hop music. Hip hop movements are typically sharp and fluid, with a focus on isolations and footwork.

  • Jazz: Jazz dance is a dynamic and energetic style that emphasizes fluid movements and clean lines. Jazz dancers often perform fast-paced turns, leaps, and jumps, and incorporate a range of styles from ballet to contemporary dance.

  • Pom:  This dance involves the use of pom-poms as a prop, and features synchronized group movements that are typically performed in unison. Pom dance often incorporates elements of cheerleading, and is known for its high-energy routines.

Along with all these styles, you can take part in CUW's other masterclasses in different disciplines (like cheerleading or parkour), where you will also learn acrobatics, jumps and stunts to incorporate into your routine.

So come and join Cheer Up World 2023 and learn from the best coaches of the world. Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your cheer dance skills to the next level and share your passion with a global community!


The coaches, athletes and special guests we bring to the event will be announced on our Instagram. Follow us on our networks so you don't miss anything!

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