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Cheer Up World is a multidisciplinary sports festival that welcomes hundreds of athletes from more than 20 countries around the world!

The aim of the event is to bring together big names of the national and global scene of dance and acrobatic disciplines so that, through masterclasses and workshops, they can share their knowledge with the participants of the festival.

However, Cheer Up World is not only an individual sports experience, but much more:

It is about overcoming, union and freedom.

It's a sports and cultural festival that offers visitors the summer of a lifetime, full of artistic programs, classes, performances and much more... It is an opportunity for all participants to develop personally, athletically and to break international boundaries to unite all athletes of these amazing disciplines.


Cheer Up World is an event that emerged in 2012 as an idea of the charismatic and prestigious Broadway dancer: Tony James.

An innovative idea to unify dance and cheerleading in the same international event held in Barcelona.

In 2017, with the 4th annual festival already planned and underway, Tony passes away suddenly. For this reason, the administrative team of the event decides to pause the festival indefinitely, thus losing the continuity of CUW.

But now, with their batteries recharged with energy, a new Cheer Up World team with industry experience has been assembled to bring a breath of fresh air to the project and with the great motivation to continue the legacy of this great event.

meet our team


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