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Russia supports Cheer Up World Festival 2022!

Many Russian cheerleaders know about some of the big and interesting Cheerleading events in Europe that have a long history and attract thousands of top athletes and coaches.

However, for the large masses of athletes, information about them is often not available. We will try to rectify this situation and tell you about the most interesting and unique event in Spain (Barcelona), which will take place this year at the end of July.

We are talking about the Cheer Up World Festival 2022.

The festival has an interesting history: it was held annually from 2012 to 2017 under the direction and ideological inspiration of Broadway dancer Tony James.

In 2017, when the 4th CUW 2017 festival was already fully prepared, Tony suddenly passes away and for this reason, the administrative team of the event decides to suspend the festival indefinitely, thus breaking the continuity of CUW.


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